Vision Care

Vision Care

Eye Exam Westbrook, Maine


People with poor eyesight are aware of their visual condition and usually receive ongoing eye care. However, people with relatively minor vision problems may not be aware of how much better they might see with proper treatment.

Common examples of vision problems that can often be treated include poor night vision, visual glare, difficulty seeing road signs at a distance, misread text or numbers on a computer screen, or noticing a “film” over your vision. Headaches, eyestrain, and irritated or tired eyes are also common symptoms of reduced visual abilities all of which can be corrected.

A comprehensive eye examination by the highly trained and experienced doctors at Eye Care & Eye Wear Center of Maine located in Westbrook will diagnose and treat the disorders causing  vision problems.

Our vision services include treatment of myopia ( nearsightedness),  hyperopia ( farsightedness), astigmatism, presbyopia ( the loss of near focusing), and computer eye strain.

We also commonly manage problems with visual development or eye function such as double vision, eye turn, and amblyopia ( lazy eye).

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