Eyewear in Westbrook, ME

Selecting the correct lens design can significantly improve your vision. When choosing your lens type, it is important to know that all lenses are not the same, and the same prescriptions made with different lenses are not the same. High quality lens designs and lens technologies can significantly improve the way you see. Let our highly trained opticians help select the lenses that are best for you.

  • Thinner lenses (high index): Your lenses can be made thinner by using “high-index” lens materials
  • Anti-Reflective Technology: ¬†AR¬†coating or anti-glare coating, which eliminates reflection
  • Scratch Resistant Technology: Newer technologies create plastic lenses as has hard and as durable as glass.
  • New High Definition Progressive Lenses: Designed by computers, these new lenses work better and significantly reduce lens edge distortion. For people who have a hard time adjusting to progressive lenses, this new technology eliminates annoying distortion!

While frames are what most people think of in selecting eyeglasses, it is the lenses in those frames that improve your vision. Not all lenses are the same and lens technology has greatly improved in recent years. Newer lens materials, newer computer designed digital lenses and improved lens surface treatments can greatly improve your vision. These newer lenses are thinner, lighter and provide distortion free and glare free vision in all lighting conditions.

Please come in and let our highly trained and skilled board certified opticians help you select the frame and lenses that will best fit your style, vision needs and budget.